Sunday, January 27, 2008

The "Maybe" new addition to our family

He is SO CUTE!! He is smaller than Daisy by 2 pounds...And so badly abused. So here is the story, I have been calling the shelter every week now for the last 3 months. We are on a waiting list for a small dog (does not matter bread) under 10 pounds. Well when I called on Friday it turns out the lady who answered the phone had an aunt that had a miniature pincher that she needed to re home. She did not have the heart to take him to the shelter. Anyways we went and meet her and took him to the dog park with Daisy, Daisy is not too impressed with him at all. They are working on it
About that abused thing, umm yeah while on the phone with this lady she "claims" she was cooking one day and this little dog was under her feet and she burnt him with cooking grease. So how I know this story is BULLSHIT is she has 6 kids. Yep you read that right 6 kids all under the age of 9. So needless to say he is a bit jumpy. He is very jittery around me and the hubby and I know he will get better but it breaks my heart that someone would hurt a little dog. She also told me that he is locked in his kennel ALL DAY because he does not get into trouble. He NEVER got taken on walks so will need a lot of leash training. Poor thing, oh and the house was a DISASTER!!!
I think we need to rename him but for now we are keeping his name Riot. The hubby knows a bit about dogs so I went shopping to get Riot a new bed, blanket, food bowls, treats, toys.
Yeah he's gonna be spoiled! And the hubby and I have decided that if we do not keep him (Daisy still hates him after a week) Then we will find him a home.

Can you see that bald spot on his back about the size of a dime? Yeah thats where she "claims" cooking grease landed on him. And I am so sure with 6 kids running around the dog was burned and not the children?
Umm Yeah.


Jonathan Zero said...

I hope he works out. It may take longer than a week for Daisy to get used to him but I bet she will end up liking a permanent playmate.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Jonathan- I am hoping because she was so badly abused that eventually she will see the light. Its tough for her though having been an only child for almost a year. But he's good with her though, he just wants to play. I am hoping it will work out for the best..

Patty said...

If I remember correctly Daisy still hated me after a (near) week, and what's not to love about me???

Maybe you can call a pet pyschic or something and see what Daisy needs to bond with Riot. Keep telling her she gets to be top dog and all that and that you don't expect her to share any of there things with him, That Riot needs her. All of us gals love being needed!

lifeshouldbestereo said...

He's ADORABLE!! So very cute. How people can be cruel to dogs/cats is beyond me. Don't even get me started.
I hope Daisy will accept him and make friends/peace :)

Punk Rock Mom said...

My sister had a mini pincher and he was CRAZY!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I hope you can keep him. Sounds like he needs a good home.

Vi said...

Who ARE you kidding?????

You're gonna keep him!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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