Sunday, January 13, 2008

I have been SUPER busy!

I worked 24 hours at the PT job this week which is not my usual but I covered it and the following schedules I am only on 12 hours which I could live with.

Question for you all....

At the PT job I watched this little boy probably 7-9 (not sure because I am not so great with ages) steal a pack of gum. When him and his mom came up to the register I asked him if he was going to pay for the pack of gum he put in his pocket? He looked at me with tears in his eye's and whispered to his mom "Should we tell her?" And the mother just looked at me and said "My child would never steal anything!"
So I respond and at the time I did my manager came around the corner "Well I am sorry Mame I watched your son who would never steal put a pack of gum in his pocket would you like me to add it to your order or would you like him to put it back?"
My manager pinches me from behind and I know I am stepping over the boundaries of "good customer service"

She looks me straight in the eye reaches in the kids pocket only to pull out the pack of gum in question and state "We bought this at another store" Kid is in tears, mom is lying out her ass about it IN FRONT OF HER FUCKING CHILDREN!! It is clear its from our store with price attached and everything.


Would you knowingly let you child steal and cover for them??


Magnolia Sun said...

I would like to think I wouldn't but who knows I am a very protective mom.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

No freaking way in the world! I'd get the store to call the police to scare the crap out of them!

Punk Rock Mom said...

never ever would I do something like that. What an irresponsible mother.

Anonymous said...

There is no way I'd cover for my kid like that. Never, never, never.

AM said...

Your boss is not a good boss for not persuing that. That's craziness.

Dixie said...

Hell no!! Not only would I make him put it back and apologize, but I'd also ask where the bathroom was so that I could spank his ass!!

That is what is wrong with the kids today! The parents. She just taught her son, A)it's ok to steal B)it's alright to lie too!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Absolutely not!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Magnolia- I can understand protective but it would have been a perfect chance to teach the little shit a lesson

Vi-My mom did that.. I should blog about that

Punk- Its NUTS!

Anonymous- No kidding, I was SO MAD that she did that, and not being able to do anything was even worse

AM- Thats "company" policy, hell if someone was walking out with a mattress and said it was paid for we are not supposed to question it

Dixie- NO KIDDING!! It would have been a great time to scare THE SHIT out of the little shit..

Whim- No kidding.. I am still mad thinking about it!

Patty said...

Why was the manager pinching you for doing your job? He should have stepped in and supported your claims. I am sorry that he left his balls at home that day.

Besides of the poor example the woman is setting I am concerned for the kid's safety and hope she didn't take it out on him once they left the store.

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