Saturday, March 29, 2008

After 15 years

I am not saying this for pity. Or sympathy. We all have our stories and our lives. This is a little piece of mine.

So a long time back. Almost 15 years to the day to be exact I had a family take a chance on me. I was 15 and moving out of my parents house.
1. Because they were going through a terrible divorce.
2. Because I LOVE my mom but could not live with her any longer.

They took a chance. They rented to someone who was 15 years old, working 3 jobs and going to high school full time. I will always remember that family. They could have said no. They could have requested that I not be placed with them. They took that chance with me. I mean who would agree to let someone who was 15 live with them, on their terms paying rent going to school..... Who would set her up and teach her the things she needed to know, give her things she needed to "get on her feet"?

Matt got the place. He moves in Monday. I am SO happy for him. He is a good kid and is doing the right thing. I had the blessing to meet his pregnant girlfriend today. She is only 15. They are MADLY in love. They are both good kids. Her parents drink and are abusive. His mom is in an abusive relationship, the love they have for each other will get them through. To see these kids so in love and so excited about what the future holds. So excited to stop the cycle. So excited to see that there is more to life than to be let to be beat down everyday emotionally and mentally.... I can only see the surface of the abuse they have both experienced, and I can never understand totally what they have both endured.

Please pray for them. They need this! And I am also excited about what the future holds for them. I think with a little help and some prayers theses kids will see that the future is good. People are good and in fact they; with their love can stop the cycle of abuse. They are both so excited to venture on this journey together. Him already the dotting dad not wanting his pregnant "wife" to work, already having had set aside the money for the birth (only 3 months in) to also cover an complications that arise.
Good kids.
Smart kids.
Finally getting a break.
The landlords agreed to let him pay only 1/2 the deposit and the rest of rent and deposit on the 5ht of the month.
They were sure to state that they NEVER do this.

They took me for my word. And for that I am proud. Having know Matt for 3 days, sometimes you just know about someone.........


AM said...

Keep us updated. This is just the sweetest story and I really truly hope and pray that it all continues as well as it can.

mSjEnA said...

Many blessings and prayers to you and your family !!

ally said...

i love the whole idea of passing it on...

ps. i think you turned out really well.

T's Pink Gloves said...

Sigh, this is sad, they are just babies themselves! It makes me sick when parents treat their kids so terriably, she is 15, she should be lovenly ensconced in her home not pregnant without a home to go to! I pray for them, what a tough road to haul but you know there are people out there who make it from this humble begining, mostly because people like you showed a little faith and love!

Vi said...

That's such a fab thing you've done helping them out where you could.

lisa said...

Jeez, Random, I had no idea about your story - no wonder you are such a tough cookie :-)

Good for you for trying to help them out.

this is YakimaFarmGirl, btw...I'm back ;)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Am- I will...promise

MsJena- Thank you

Ally- I do too, did I ever tell you I pay for the people behind me at the drive thru sometimes.. for no reason at all?

T- They are REALLY good kids they seem to be making a go of this.

Vi- Its about the little things


coffeygirlb said...

Well good luck to them, I would usually be like, "sounds like an uphill battle", but every now and then, a couple does come along that can defeat the hardships of that situation and defy the odds! I wish them the best!

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