Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sometimes you just get that feeling about someone

So there is this kid I work with, lets call him Matt (not he real name) I have a good feeling about this kid.
We were off work one night and I noticed him start to walk and I yelled at him "Where did you park"
He explained he did not have the car tonight his girlfriend did so he was just going to walk home. At first he refused my ride and because it was so cold I insisted he take the ride. He kept saying he did not live very far.
Turns out the poor kid walks 1 hour to work and back to his HOTEL. Folks this 18 year old kid was staying in a hotel and pays $1400 a month for it because this podunk town will not rent to him because he is only 18.
Anyways the reason he lives in a hotel is his mother threw him out.
Because her boyfriend beats her and he stood up for her and for "getting involved" she threw him out on the car ride to the hospital to fix her broken arm.
So I called in a favor to my land lords. Not sure if I ever told you about them, they are like 80 and super nice but very leary as they have had a few people take advantage of them and the last people they evicted from the open apartment owes them $1800.
I told them I would vouge for this kid. I barely know him but he seems like good kid.
Also turns out his girlfriend is pregnant and he is putting away money for when the baby is born, I have yet to be REALLY wrong about someone and I am going out on a limb for the kid with our landlord but you know, some times people just need a break.
I also told him until he is back on his feet he could borrow our spare bed that is collecting dust until he is up and running again.
And towels and sheets because LORD knows I have enough to go around....
The landlords said he can not move in until May because they want to meet him, ect and I called them back to again vouge for the kid and they are going to have a friend interview him so he can get the keys hopefully by this weekend.....
Fingers crossed folks, I hope this all works out.


Magnolia Sun said...

I hope everything works out for the kid, that's unreal how much money he's been paying to live.

ally said...

i seriously got the warm fuzzies from reading this... you are good people (as my friends would say it).

T's Pink Gloves said...

i BELIEVE in this feeling. I am proud of you for helping him, he needs someone to stand up and help him poor kid. Sounds like he is a nice kid actually but dealt some serious shit. I hope he is able to get on his feet! Bless you for helping him, even if he turns out to be a jerk, at least you know you tried. I think you are like me in the sense that had you not tried you would have worried that you could have done something tomake it different!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Magnolia- Yes it is unreal, the thing is if it was just him he would have stayed in a seedy hotel but because he has his pregnant girlfriend he needed somewhere where she would feel safe.

Ally- Thanks, I remember moving out when I was 15 and someone took a chance with me, its my time to return that favor.

T- I needed to try and it turns out that it may just work. I talk to the landlords today and its appears that they are going to make the acception and let him move in Monday which is HUGE news!! And they said it was only because i gave them MY word that he was a good kid.

Manny said...

That's a very kind thing you did. I hope it all turns out for the best and he can break his mother's cycle of violent relationships. You guys rock.

that girl said...

holy cow man...that is freaking intense.

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