Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coming soon to "People of Walmart"

Oh yes, I have become that crazy pet parent!

I was off work today because of the "big D" my stomach has been messed up all day (I know too much information) so I was home from work.

Daisy was excited of coarse we laid around all day taking naps, playing fetch and just being silly girls.

I noticed she kept licking herself. Something she does not usually do, so about a couple of hours later she was STILL licking herself so I flipped her over to see what she was licking.

Her nipple was bleeding and she had 2 marks on her belly that were also bleeding, I called the hubby, called the vet to say we were coming and out the door I went.

In my jammies.

Oh yeah I am "that" lady running into the pet hospital in her PJ's (in my defense they do not "really" look like jammies, black pants with a white sweatshirt?)

AND I did not look in the mirror in my haste....

So yeah Daisy is fine she just scratched herself but the site of blood made me freackoutalittle because I do not handle blood very well. Mine or anyone elses.

SO while I was walking around walmart to get slim jims to hide her anti-biotics in I envisioned my picture posted here because:

1. I was in my jammies

2. I was wearing my dressy peacoat open so you could see my jammies

3. In my SUPER comfy fuzzy socks

4. I did not even bother to fix my hair or anything...

It was so bad the hubby did a one over when I walked in the door

And I was not wearing I bra... Oh yeah coming soon to the pages of The people of Walmart


Ashley Pizarro said...

Girl you are too much! That is funny that you went out in your pj's. I do that all the time and make a point not to look at myself in the mirror...haha!

Glad nothing was really wrong with the lady of the house.

The Mrs. said...

oh oh oh my. I'd have to throw a bra on to leave the house or risk arrest. Whenever I've had to take the boys to the hospital I have to at least throw on regular clothes b/c its on post and I'd certainly run into the CO or something there and get an ear full from someone.

hope the pup is feeling better!

Abbie said...

Hey no worries girl! I did the same thing today...went to Walmart in my husbands sweat pants with a sweatshirt that didn't even match! Haha! It's Walmart!

Sandy said...

OH my goodness...I hope you show up on that hilarious web site! Thanks for sharing that mental picture of you!! That web site is a hoot. Now I'm going to be spending some time looking at all the "crimes" of fashion in Wal-Mart.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Because of that website I over dress to go to walmart now. I want no mistake to be made and my photo end up on there lol

secret agent woman said...

Ha ha! I'd do that, except I'm dead certain I'd run into a patient or two if I did.

Steph said...

I would do the same for my little boy. Hope she heals up soon.

If I do see your picture in a people of wal-mart email at least I can be like, hey I know her.

Meghan said...

Hahaha, sorry to hear that. But at least I can say I know someone famous ;)

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