Sunday, November 26, 2006

I so wish I had the balls

I am going to get them I know I will. Well today I went to the airport to pick up a friend and I swear I would have you all in stitches if you could have seen some of the outfits that I saw today.

1. Goochos with socks to the knees and slippers.

2. Banana clips. (yes you remember) IN. A. SIDE. PONYTAIL.

3. People in there Pj's, full on with slippers.

4. Children in snow suits.

Oh yes I will get the guts to take pictures of all this one time.. Maybe I will start a fashion police thats a good idea


coffeygirlb said...

Oh dear Lord. I almost shit myself when I saw leggings and STIRRUP pants on urban outfitters website but BANANA CLIPS. I could never even wear them the first time they wouldn't stay in my hair...thank God! Yeah the stuff prople wear in public amazes me.

T-girl said...

Oh, honey the tweens and teens around her are in FULL effect with the 80's gear (think leggings and a jean skirt! Full body shiver)... it is almost scary if it were not so sad... some of them must have raided my Goodwill dumpoff! LOL The other day I saw someone in her 30's wearing said outfit, I wanted to grab her and give her a hug, she must be so happy to be back in style agian! The thing is everytime I see them I think "OMG I USE TO HAVE THAT OUTFIT! Why did not one tell my how rediculous I looked?"

I have to tell you though the new treand of night gear being worn, well, anywhere but the house is really icking me out! I mean seriously what is so wrong with a pair of jeans???? It seems these people don't even put on their good PJ's either- nope only the holey ones will do! Nasty

I can not even comment on the side pony in a banana clip- the thought of it makes me want to crawl under a table- I recently barated my mother for allowing my picture to be taken in such a hairstyle- granted it WAS 1985 so it was ok... ok no it wasn't but I am comforting myself with the thought, leave me be!! LOL

Anonymous said...

thats a rockin idea!! the whole bubble skirt thang is getting on my tits at the moment, it doesnt look flattering on ANY figure, why do they try and push this shit on us!

Anne said...

Ahhh banana clips. I used to love my banana clips. I had them in every color possible.

I saw a girl walking down the street yesterday in full-on punk gear. Long pink and red hair all spikey in the front, black leggings and a torn up tshirt. She looked like Jem. Does anyone else remember Jem? She was like a big Barbie and she was in a rock band and she had her own cassette.

Anonymous said...

I think pictures of these folks would be great. Take your camera next time!

Anonymous said...

i'm such a fashion faux paus. i won't even admit how many points apply to me.

rpm said...

What is it nowadays with people wearing pajamas in public?? We were eating breakfast at the hotel in the lobby area and this couple comes down..him in his PJ bottoms and t-shirt and her in her bedroom slippers. Then I was at the doctor's office yesterday and a grown man in his 50s came in with his pajama bottoms and t-shirt on and his wife with him. He did not look like he was suffering. He didn't have an appointment but told the front desk he needed some blood work done. I just don't get wearing the pajamas in public.

me said...

oh god how I miss banana clips!!!
you know everything IS "coming back" maybe these will make their way back---SOON I hope!!!
First person I see wearing one who looks fashionable and not just that they are stuck in the 80's I will ask where they got it from and let you know!! !:)

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