Friday, November 24, 2006

Photo Stamps~ So cool!!

While watching TV last night I found the coolest thing. There is this site called Photo Stamp that lets you create your own stamps!!
So all those people who take lots of pictures Alfreds Mom, Ragus Pug, these stamps are a great idea for Christmas cards.
Check it out.

This is the picture that I choose! ; )


Anonymous said...

Huh? You can have stamps made from your own pictures?!?!?!?

That is impressive.

Anonymous said...

zazzle does it also

under custom postage

Like the image you chose, very cool

Anonymous said...

it's way cool.

i've heard of (us post offic) and later (through flickr).

i like the photo you chose. it would be especially cool when you mail it midwest and they get an ocean view. pictures go a long way.

rpm said...

Neato!! That's a great idea for party invitations and cards. I checked it out and I might do that when I have some extra money. The picture you picked it so pretty.

coffeygirlb said...

I've heard of those. They do sound fun! Especially for like cheesy holidays when all you can find is hearts and flowers. Ok, heres the answers to the rest of your Q's.

1)Dane is a pharmacist and i'm an aesthetician.

2) I would have more plastic surgery if I thought I needed it. Like if my boobs look like shit after kids..hell yeah!

3) Dane proposed while we were watching Goonies...I know, kill me with romance. He had a whole plan but I ended up getting sick so we couldn't go out and I was all grumpy and we were lounging on the couch and suddenly he just slid onto the floor and onto one knee.

4) Still don't know about that link disappearance???

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