Monday, November 27, 2006

The Answers to the questions

Ok if we are being honest I was a little disappointed in the RESPONSE to this.. I though y'all had a lot more questions for me. Ha ha not like you do not already know all the answers..

Thoughts from the Heart of Dixie asks:
What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
Wow I only get to pick one? Ok 2 really embarrassing things I have done?
1. When I was on a trip with my girlfriends in Hawaii we got really drunk and thought it would be a GREAT idea to go skinny dipping in the ocean. While we ran across the beach screaming like hieanas ripping off our clothes and went splashing into the ocean N.A.K.E.D. as the day we were born (right in front of a major hotel you may have heard of them The Hitlon?) so anyways after our impromptu swim we all walk back up to the beach (which is pitched black) and we can hear people laughing.... ha ha lets just say we were not alone. And those people on the blanket celerbrating their wedding anniversary sure got more than they bargained for.

2. Another drunk incident. (there were MANY of these) a bunch of us went up to a ski hill for the weekend and went to this little tiny club called "Le Petite Caribou" The way the bar is set up there are bars to hang onto when you are dancing on the bar so you do not fall. (yeah I used to get on bars to dance) well I am shaking my shit and then...... I fell back and my flexibilty allowed me to clear of the bar with my legs, ass landing in the ice bin, ice flying EVERYWHERE and I crash to the floor I am so drunk but also so embarrased that in stead of standing up I crawl across the floor (EWW THROUGH THE BAR TAR) to the end of the bar where my girlfriends are anxiously awaiting through fits of laughter to see if I am ok. I was so drunk that I had the logic that it was time to leave. Well my girlfriend Harriette had also desided that she too had too much to drink so we try to leave (the bartender was POURING shots straight from the bottle into our mouths) and we go outside only to fall over and roll on the ground in the snow trying to get composure. And this all happened in front of the door man (much to his amusement) we finally got to out feet desided it was too cold out and went back into the bar (can you believe they let us back in, I guess we were the entertainment)
I got high fives the rest of the night.....

Rantings in Red asks:
I wanna know what you look like woman!
Pictures to come

How did you and the husband meet?
We met through mutual friends. His best friend Adam, was my best friends Salinna's best friend.
Make sense?

Why do you want to leave California?

Traffic, the people, the cost of housing, the cost of living, the fact that you have to plan EVERYTHING and you can not even just "run" to the grocery store because everything depends on the traffic.

Why did my link go?
I am not sure where it went but look (as she points to the side bar It's back!)

Salinna asks:
When are you going to come home and have babies!!!!!!
Don't hold your breath on that one.. But I will be home to visit soon!

Obasso asks:
Can you curl your tongue, or any of those other neat tongue tricks?
Well my tongue is pierced and if I try really hard I can touch it to my nose. Tongue tricks? You would have to ask the Just kidding

Patty asks:
Why do you blog?
Well for a lot of reasons, I first started to blog because I was getting married and moving to another country and I wanted a way for friends and family to be able to keep tabs on my and see whats going on. My first blog entry was May 24th, 2003. I used to be on live journal and I have thought of bringing some of the posts from there to here.
I have kept up blogging because I bitch a lot. And I moan. And people come here to read and I have made a few contacts and friends through all of this. Most of the reasons I love to read other peoples blogs is to learn about other peoples lives, because they must be "more fabulous" than my own.

Joie DeVivre asks:
Whats the actual number of shoes you own?
Hmmm lots.. I would be scared to put the number really a good guess about 40 (probably more)?
And of those, whats the number you regularly wear?
I have about 10-15 pairs that are in heavy rotation the "practical" shoes, the "work" shoes, the "not to sexy I can wear these to work shoes as long as I wear a suit" shoes, my sneakers, my flip flops. Currently I have 6 pairs of shoes in my car... Yeah I have problem and no problem admitting it.. Oh and I am excited I am back to work so I can expand it, much to the moans and groans of the hubby.
oooo, i cant be outing your shoe fetish here surely?
Have you seen how many pictures I have posted of my shoes?? Ha ha.. Everyone knows about it and I am not to proud to scream it on the roof tops!!


T-girl said...


I wish I had been around... I would have added one! I want to know your first name. LOL

Hugs- T

Patty said...

Enjoyed reading the answers to your questions. It has been a lot of years since I did anything embaressing after drinking too much, your tales brought back some interesting memories. These days, ALL of my embarressing moments happen stone sober...Nothing to blame it on but me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, falling into the ice bin isn't so bad. When I worked at one of the night clubs here in town, that usually happened at least once a month.

One drunk young lady did it twice in one night!!!!

coffeygirlb said...

Those were all very good answers. sorry you were disappointed. I never know how personal to get. Don't wanna bust out with a "how did you loose your virginity" and be immedietly exhiled to the land of pervy bloggers:)

Anonymous said...

bloody liar, i think you have more than 60 pairs of shoes and thats just going from the ones uve posted pics of on here!!! ;-)

re: t-girl and coffeygirl - when did you first lose your virginity gertrude ?

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