Sunday, November 12, 2006

My new friends

He's so cute. His name is Tito. I know all you are thinking "But Random you do not have a dog, and your hubby will not let you have a dog till you buy a house" No this a friends dog and I am so excited. I had my first experience at a dog park today and it was so much fun.
About a week ago I put an add up on Craigslist to find friends in the area. I have been here for 3 years and have yet to make any real connections, I mean I met people but after a little while they were either too much drama, lived to far way you know how the story goes. So outta desperation I put up an add that I was looking for friends in the area and I got a few responses. See I was waiting to blog about this because you know as a kid where you thought if you said something about a good thing it would be bad. I know stupid but anyways I ended up meeting this girl who happens to live in the same complex that I live in and shes super cool, so far our 3 play dates have been good. The first time I met her (thats her knees and Titos bum), I straight out asked what was wrong with her.. lol Serious, she loves food like me and 2 times now we have been out for Indian food. But now that I am sure we will be friends I can blog about her. Everyone say hi Jessica!!
Oh and on that note today I had the pleasure of driving in her car with her today and she was a bit taken back that I had my camera to document the MESS that was her car. But its hers and I was going to post the picture for all your entertainment but somehow when I went to transfer it and review it I deleted it. Lets just say my hubby can never complain again about my car being a mess. Oh and I get to walk her dog when she has to work long hours so I get to be a pet
While we were at the park 300 bikers drove by with a police escort for a charity drive for the children's hospital. By the time I got my camera ready I only got the back of the pack. But it was pretty neat.
Its weird that as you get older that relationships you have change. I have been blessed with a great group of girlfriends back home in Canada and being away has made me closer to some of them and further away from some. I believe every relationship takes work and you can only do so much to make it work. I am so glad I have made the efforts to keep my friends close.
But here's to new friends and new beginnings. WEEHOO
**lets just hope shes does not end up Just kidding Jess***


Mommy off the Record said...

Congrats on the budding new friendship! Her, um, knees look very nice :)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

That's one cute mammal.

Anne said...

Cute doggie..Im glad that you met Jessica. She is nicer than me though..if you ever wanted to document the junkpile that is the interior of my vehicle I would kill you...

alfredsmom said...

COngrats on the new friend! THat's a bold move, and I am happy that you took it!

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