Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Secret Santa!!

I have been so busy I kept forgetting to load my pictures....

AM was kind enough to organize the bloggy secret santa thing this year and LOOK WHAT I GOT!!!

And I have NO IDEA who my Santa was... I would think now that it is all done we could tell each other?

I LOVE this Christmas ornament not sure if my secret Santa knows but I collect these... The hubby and I get one everywhere we travel.. I have been looking for a shoe FOREVER!!

And this is the beautiful bracelet that was in the pretty packaging...

Look at the detail in the bracelet I have worn it already and received a few compliments.. Totally suits me!

And a special treat for Ms Daisy!!

Thank you secret santa!!


Magnolia Sun said...

Thank you so much for the gifts.

I love all your shoe things, they fit you perfectly.

Swampgirl said...

It's ME! I'm your Secret Santa! I was so afraid that you didn't get the box and I didn't put a return address on it! I hadn't read your blog before I got matched to you -so I had to do some reading-I caught on to the "shoe" theme! I didn't comment on your blog because I was afraid that would blow my cover! Now that you know, come visit me at the swamp!

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