Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bullet points

* I played hooky from work today.. tee hee.. Probably the only day I really could seeing how much work is on my plate. One of the girls has been out for over a month. A MONTH. So not cool.

* Hubby played hooky too!

* Just finished the book Twilight. It was good. I think I liked the movie better.

* I am going to start the second book here in a minute.

* Talked to my dad, we are going home (population 2000) where I grew up to surprise my grandma for her 80th birthday in July.

* We are moving to Kansas. Yes Kansas. I have already tried to call Daisy Toto, shes not having it.

* My shoes arrived today. However UPS did not ring the bell or even knock so they will be delivered tomorrow..


Magnolia Sun said...

Kansas! What happened to Florida?

Princess of the Universe said...

You liked the movie better than the book? Bizarre!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Magnolia- We could wait to find out but we are both anxious to leave.. so Kansas it is. For at least 2-3 years anyways. Its Gov so they are ALWAYS changing their minds. So who knows. Til the moving truck pulls up and contracts signed I am not holding my breath.

Princess - I saw the movie first I was SO DRAWN into the movie and the characters I just loved it. I am dying to go back and see it again after reading the book

The Real Kidd said...

Kansas? Cool. We’ll be neighbors!

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