Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mom's big chunk Chilli!

So I finally buckled and asked for the recipe. See we have a pot-luck at lunch the other day at work and this lady made chilli. It was not good. But it did give me the hankering for some REALLY GOOD chilli and I emailed my mom for her recipe.

Is it not funny how EVERYTHING is better when mom makes it? This is the first time I have tried her recipe on my own and so far so good!

The ingredients!! Its seems very easy to make

Everything getting thrown into the crock pot. My mom makes it on the stove old school, but she modified it for those who want a quick no hassle dinner.

Everything ready to go!!

2 hours later (only took 20 minutes prep time)


And if I must toot my own horn it was AWESOME!!


The Real Kidd said...

Oh my! That looks sooooooo good.


mSjEnA said...

yummy !!!

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