Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So perplexed

I received this in the mail today.

I have already read most of it front to back all the time thinking... "Who sent this to me?"

I KNOW it has to be Ms. Patty. She is the reason I started to run. She was the first person I ran a marathon with and she knows I loved it so much, but also how I had not really "run" since my marathon. Its not that I do not want to, the motivation is not there anymore.

See training for the marathon was a reason to get up at 6am and head out for a few miles. And after completing my 1/2 marathon my mission was accomplished. It felt so GREAT I still get tears in my eyes thinking about crossing that finish line.

So I email Ms. Patty a big thank you!! And she says it was not her. It is such a thoughtful gift that IT HAD TO BE PATTY and it was not.

I call the husband and say "Hey did you order me a subscription to Runner's World?

"Ummm, No I did not even know they had such a magazine... I mean maybe.... ha ha, No it was not me"

So now I am perplexed. And excited. Because

1. I LOVE this magazine and I feel the burn. You know that one where it feels like you can do anything you set your mind too.. I did it once I can do it again.

2. Its such a GREAT surprise from someone secret. For now. Till I get to the bottom of this.

And yes I did get on the web site to investigate and it does not give me any info, and customer service was closed. I am going to get to the bottom of this.

And to "whoever" it is.

Thank you

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