Monday, November 10, 2008

Open Letters

Dear Local Post Office:

You are a bunch of fuckers. You read that right. Fuckers. Just because we live in a small town does not mean when someone calls in sick (like this past Friday) you can just REFUSE to sort the mail for your local Gov offices.

This means I received 5 times the amount of deposits today and you can kiss my ass.

Another reason small towns BITE ASS.

Dear Everyone in my little office:

Your a bunch of digbats. Seriously thank you for the entertainment. Just because both supervisors are away does not make "everyone" else the boss. It is very entertaining to watch you all run around jockeying for position.
Sure I will listen to you all talk shit about each other, it makes me laugh. You all need to get a life.

LMAO fly on the wall

Dear inventor of the electric blanket:

Where have you been all my life. Its like falling in love EVERYDAY. And why did you not make me purchase one 10 year ago. I mean serious. This is fucking AWESOME. I confess my love to you every day.

I love you
Thank you

Me and my VERY warm toes.


Magnolia Sun said...

I thought the PO forgot about us today, we usually have a ton of checks on Monday and b/c they delievered the mail so late I didn't make it to the bank.

Will you leave Girly Fru Fru a message and tell her to add me to her blog, I use to read it all the time and she still read mine. Thanks

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Magnolia- I am blocked too...

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