Friday, November 07, 2008

Getting to know your neighbors

"Hi I think you hit my wife's car when you were backing up this morning?"

"Oh well lets go look, I do not think I hit her car but if I did lets go have a look"

He totally "confessed" and by that I mean he took full responsibility and offered to pay for everything. Just told us to let him know how much.

The license plate fit PERFECT into his trailer hitch of his truck so there was really no question.

He claims to not have heard or "thought" he did it, but if we said he did then he must have.....

Which is REALLY a relief however its strange that "he can not recall" but he is "always in a hurry" so it is possible.... Umm yeah.

But I called the police anyways just in case. Just in case our meeting did not go so well and he denied everything.... And also to see what recourse I would have if he said he did not do it. Seeing how I never saw it done...

Umm yeah the neighbors that moved in like 2 weeks ago and we get to meet them telling them he backed into my car and and would they "please pay for the repairs"


Magnolia Sun said...

You think he would have noticed the noice or jolt when he did! When are yall moving?

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Magnolia- we STILL have no idea.. its driving us CRAZY!

"T" said...

ROTFL How do you "not notice" you hit someone, I have been in a hurry myself before but the crunching normally gives the fact away that I just wacked the living crap out of something!!!! LOL

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