Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is it just me?

Have you ever noticed when you go grocery shopping as you are finishing up you size up all the lines and choose the one you think will go the fastest?

And then you have actually gotten into the line with the little old lady who questions EVERYTHING on her bill (before leaving) and then pulls out her check book and starts to write a check?

Or the 1 person in front of you "forgot" something and will be RIGHT BACK?

Yeah it never fails. No matter what line I choose its always the slowest.


Magnolia Sun said...

YES, that always happens to me especially the check writing thing.

Trixie said...

Or they pay it all in coins!

cheekydani said...

Same thing happens to me with trains, often two arrive on opposite platforms going to the same place and it's usually not the first one that arrived which leaves first; I always choose the one which stays sitting on the platform, grrr!

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Drew said...


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