Saturday, October 04, 2008

So my suprise gift is working

So the magazine worked.

2 miles Thursday night
2 miles Friday night, and 1 miles today.....
I know, I know that is not far but I am just warming up. Daisy loved it and the weather is perfect for it. With the acception to the stupid bugs it was a great walk/jog/run/whoamIkiddingitwasaquickwalk.

My birthday gift from the hubby is new running clothes and I splurged on new shoes. So now I HAVE to do this! I am going to aim for another 1/2 marathon in February in Texas. My bestest friend I had out here just moved there and I am twisting her arm to train with me. And then AFTER the marathon jump on a 3-5 day cruise and lay around.. just what our bodies will be needing!! I think its a great idea. Training is cheap (with exception to the new shoes) I have everything else I need (GPS Thanks again Patty) all the gear MP3 player, clothes (I dug them out yesterday). I am excited again.

These are the shoes.. I know, I know they are yellow. And the UGLIEST of all the shoes I tried on, it was a toss up between these and these REALLY cute pink and white ones but these ones won. They were the best fit for my foot, they felt the best with the support in them. So they are it. They are Asics and they are growing on me. Super comfy but I will see how they feel as I break them in.

I am SO excited!
Just remind me of that when I am BITCHING and moaning about getting up early, shin splints, ass aches and pains.... Oh yeah this is going to be fun.

Oh and if you would like an invite to my private running blog.. Yeah I said private I am going to post all the gross ugly fat pictures of myself and how I got to where I am and to document where I am going. Its still a work in progress so when its all up and going I will send y'all the link.

I bought these ones for fun. These are my "cute" walking shoes. I will not use these ones for training because they are not really built for that but I needed to feel better about the ugly ones.


ally said...

i love both shoes. while i'm not a yellow fan, but it certainly brightens the day.

Patty said...


Same private blog or different one?

After you finish the next race want to train for a triatholon with me? That is the next thing I want to tackle, even if I can only doggie paddle!

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