Sunday, October 12, 2008

The deer in the road who was a "little" bold

OK this is kinda funny.. This is when we headed out to Mount Rushmore in August... It makes me giggle to watch it.. We are trying to get the dear out of the road, I only started the video after about 5 minutes of yelling out the window at it...


Patty said...

I had a simular experience with a snake last week, only I used a stick to prode him/her across the road.

The Real Kidd said...

LOL, don't you hate it when they JUST WON'T LISTEN?

Last year about this time Red and I had a mother and her baby run out in front of us. Of course we stopped but the grass was SO high in the ditch that baby was scared to take the jump & danced in the middle of the road for at least a minute while momma looked on. LOL, when baby finally got the balls to jump, you would have thought he was coming off a high dive into a 10 foot pool. So silly and sweet at the same time.

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