Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy week.. oh and shoes

The hubby is away for a week in Kentucky and even lost his luggage... which he has back now but I think every traveler has some sort of "mishap" once in a while, and the amount he has traveled in the last year and this is his first "mishap" he is doing pretty good.

While he is away I am working my but off at the gym and at work. I work both jobs every day this week.. A little crazy I am sure but it sure beats sitting on the couch eating bon bons,

It also allows me to buy these without feeling the least bit guilty!! Well with a $14 price tag I mean I HAD TO HAVE THEM... And they are purple so it sealed the deal.

My regular full time job has been a bit of a drag lately.. Now that I know we are moving its hard to keep my heart in the game...


T's Pink Gloves said...

What is with purple lately, I am surrounded by Purple. Mostly because my little purple girl is ALL about some purple lately. If it ain't purple or pink... she don't want it! Seriously, we will be in a resturant and the waitress will ask what she wants and she say's "purple" and contiues to color as if that is normal. The other day she told the Pizzaman she wanted a "purple pizza" she did not care what flavor, just purple! She ahd fits when it came it was NOT purple, didn't matter it was her favorite kind... It was NOT PURPLE! Makes you wonder doesn't it! LOL Cute shoes though, at least they make sense in purple! LOL

Dixie said...

$14???? Where?

Girl, you always find the hottest shit!

"M" said...

Those shoes are cool!

Patty said...

Thank you for loving shoes so much. It totally makes my addiction look tame in compairsion!

Of course I have to get me some purple shoes now that I have seen yours (At least I am not coveting your husband). I have been enjoying wearing all my fall plaid shoes but purple will be a great color to switch to. I I will post a pic when I find them.

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