Thursday, October 23, 2008

One less thing to worry about...

About having a job. Or not being able to find a job...

Well because I can do basic math.

Conversation had at lunch today.

I am at the sub shop.

My change due to me is $3.97 the lady at the cash yells out "I need quarters"

Manager says "Well it will take me about 10 minutes to open the safe"

Both look at me blinking eyes.

Me "Umm Ok here is 3 cents."

Stupid lady at the register "What is this for?"

Me "So you can just give me $4 change"

Stupid lady at the register "But I do not have any quarters?"

Me "Right but if I give you 3 cents then you owe me $4"

Stupid lady at register **blink** "But how does that work??"


Magnolia Sun said...


The Real Kidd said...

ROFLMAO! Oh that is just GREAT!

Dixie said...


Stupidity amazes me.

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