Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My public service announcement!!

So WAY back in the day I broke my neck. I was taking up to 30 vicodin a day.

Needless to say this was NOT GOOD for my insides and I have done some permanate damage. Well there was a time when my insides would bleed and it was hard to poo.

What? Everybody poops!...ha ha..

Anyways so I have tried EVERYTHING to be regular. I had tried laxatives that one time remember? You can read about it again here.

I have tried all the cereals, vitamins, pills.... Yeah but I have FINALLY found something that works. Now let me pre-warn you these bars are unlike anything you have ever tasted.
They come in a bunch of flavors, taste good. (I found most of the other ones taste like cardboard) but these ones are the shit (so to speak)

Fiber one! Try them. I SWEAR if you ever don't feel right one of these will fix you right up! Serious.


So go here and sign up with your address and email and they will send you a sample free.!!

Who does not love free stuff??

How cool is that? Everyone can use a little more fiber in thier diets anyways and some of these bars have up to %55 of your daily fiber intake. And they are DELICIOUS!!

I even have the hubby hooked. Serious go out and buy some.. tell me what you think. I only have one about every other day and I am good to go....


Magnolia Sun said...

So true, I tried these the other day talk about a LOT of fiber!

Dixie said...

I eat one of these every day. They are delish!! I also eat a bowl of their Honey Cluster cereal. Not the greatest, but not the worst (grapenuts)! All my fiber. Right there. Anything over that is gravy! I have poo problems too.

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