Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trip to Vegas

Was so much fun!! We started with pre-drinking at the airport and then after we were good and giggly I looked out the window to see this....

Which of coarse the only thing to do was BURST out laughing because "Really? Have I had THAT much to drink?"

We got a free upgrade at the hotel because we checked in so late and UMMM yeah lets just say the Tropicana has not been updated in about 40 years...

Yes that is us laying on the bed, and YES those are mirrors on the ceiling above the bed!

Sooo lets just day Friday night WAS SO FUN, in the morning I had a conversation that went like this with hotel security

"Hotel Security how can I help you?"

"Umm yeah, did you happen to find a random shoe in the hotel anywhere?"

"Which night mam and where do you think may have lost the shoe?"

"UUmmm I think it could be, well umm, anywhere from the front door to the 18th floor..."

**snickers*** "Lady what did the shoe look like?"

"Well its black in the back with a round toe and it fades into red, its fabulous really"

"Ok lets see.... Nope we have a silver pump, black slip on, black pump and pink, no red"

***BUST OUT LAUGHING*** "So you have gotten this call before?"

"Every day lady"

R.I.P beautiful red and black shoe. At least you did it big one more night and went out like a champ in Vegas... You will be sorely missed!!!

And OH YES it is COMPLETELY acceptable to sleep on the floor in the Las Vegas airport......


Anonymous said...

Love the story about the shoe incident. Did you guys just choose a hotel and airline and go or did you research. I'm trying to get out there in a few months for my birthday and have been looking all over for every attraction and deal possible. So far best video on Vegas was on and best deal was on HotWire i think. Anyway glad you had a good time, i hope mine is just as fun as yours minus the lost shoe lol!

mSjEnA said...

Girl you lost a friggin shoe !

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