Friday, August 01, 2008

OMG y'all


It all started innocent enough, woke up, jumped in the shower and then BAM my first muscle spasm in FOREVER. And we are not talking just any kind of muscle spasm. THIS ONE KICKED MY ASS SO HARD I BARFED! It was THAT painful.

Oh and while barfing I got one in my shoulder. That was fun.

Then I called work and explained due to barfing (and the runs that would follow) I would not be making it in.

Then I laid down thinking I would go back to sleep.

Yeah right, spasms EVERYWHERE. So I googled it and it seems that yesterday morning I drank milk and spasms happen from Calcium build ups and I need vitamin C that and water.

Who knew?

Friggin hell though this sucks ass, I can not even walk to the bathroom without a spasm somewhere.

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mSjEnA said...

I get cramps - (is that the same as spasms ? ) due to the water pills I take everyday. It's mostly in my feet. But DAMN that crap hurts, I sometimes just walk it out and when it's really bad I take a half a teaspoon of paprika.. My grandmother told me about the old remedy of putting paprika under your tongue... Hope it gets better

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