Wednesday, August 27, 2008


*School is not going to happen. I was schedualled to start yesterday and remember this? How I was worried about starting and then not being able to finish. I just got to thinking IT WAS A LOT of work and was not fair if I took advantage of the situation?

*Anyways. Work now knows I am leaving, I gave them my notice today so they can post my job. Because its a Gov position it takes FOREVER to hire someone.

*We have a tentative "idea" of where we may be moving. Its somewhere in Florida and I am SO excited!!

*My best friend is having a baby boy! And I am SO excited.

*My friend I went to Vegas with is moving September 19th and I am very sad about it. But we will always be friend so I am not so worried. And if we move to Florida then we will be closer to each other (she is moving to Dallas, TX)

*Project need to lose weight starts again September 1st. I have maintained for over 8 months so its time to step it up and start losing again.

But to sum it up. Life is good and I am blessed.


Magnolia Sun said...

I hope you make it down here, what part of Florida? We are moving to Tampa.

ally said...

it doesn't snow in Florida! yay!

Patty said...

If all those boots you bought need a new home now that there won't be snow for you in winter, you have my address.

Oh, and make sure you move to the coast of FL,where there is a cruise line that docks so I can come down, do a half-marathon, and we can sail out the following day for a fun adventure.

Who said I was a demanding friend?

Anonymous said...

If we move to Florida it will be near Tampa. Probably live in the St.Pete/Clearwater/Pinellas Park area. The job is in Bay Pines.

We won't know for a month or so if it does happen although I am taking a flight down there next week for a visit.

We'll see. Random will keep everyone updated I am sure.I am also pretty sure that she will be stoked to know someone Magnolia!

And Patty, you are welcome to stop by anytime!

AM said...

Florida! Wow, that will be a big change for you. I cant wait to hear more about all these big changes.

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