Saturday, August 30, 2008

Christmas in AUGUST!!

So me and a friend drove the 40 miles to a real mall today and you would NEVER BELIEVE what we found??

A NEW DSW!!! Opening soon less than 40 miles from me!! Can you tell how excited I am???

Oh and I bought these black and white ones twice... Yeah I bought them once before Vegas and then because I paid almost $40 for them (I rarely pay over $20-$30for shoes) and never took them to Vegas and they were so cute and they are Jessica Simpson shoes.. But I returned them. AND THEN I went back this week and they had been marked down AGAIN and still had my size for an additional 40% after being marked down 75% already. It was ment to be. They were $12.00.

And then I found these BEAUTIES for less than $30......

I do love me some shoes!! But even more I do love to get shoes on sale!!!


Jess said...

I love shoes too!
It really isn't fair that in America you can get those gorgeous black and white shoes for $12. That's like £8!

Magnolia Sun said...

Those are really pretty, I wish I could wear heels that high but I feel like a giant and I walk like I have cement blocks on my feet.

T's Pink Gloves said...

Wow, cute shoes... and aren't you glad your returned them now! LOL Seriously, I HATE when I buy something then a few weeks, months whatever I find it for like $1 somewhere and I paid something way more then that and it irks me. I can't help it, the cheapskate in me starts calculating my "loss!" LMAO

Just stopping in to say "hi" and such. I have No clue where I have been for the last month, if you saw me please let me know! LMAO

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Jess- If you wait long enough you can get some really great deals!!

Magnolia- Thats funny, I do see many women in shoes "they can not handle" and they look just like

T- HEEELLLOOOO Welcome back sort of I guess.. I will be checking in for an update.... Yeah I RARELY buy anything unless its on sale and I can justify it...

Trixie said...

*Waves madly*


I'm back from Spain and madly trying to get through the 400 posts on my bloglines. Just to let you know I'm back and will catch up properly soon.

(Plus thanks for the birthday wishes!)

Oh and FAB shoes as usual!!!

Patty said...

I am so jealous! Since starting to do home care again I have had to buy shoes without heels. For some reason it is inappropriate to gait trian unstable (as in balance not mental) people in four inch heels. Go figure. Anyway, I didn't have any shoes that were flat and had toes (another no no for the dress code is open toed shoes. Some health code violation or some silly thing). So I bought four new pairs of flats to get my free tote, so no cut pics from me. I did manage to sneek in an adorable pair of peep toed, black denim heels that are pretty terrific. A girl has to have some pleasure in her days. I can just let then ride around with me and keep me happy that way.

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