Saturday, August 09, 2008

Oh to be a six year old!!

True story:

I walk up to one of my tables tonight and this little boy (who I later find out is 6 years old) asks me

"Hey you, whats your name?"

"My name is Random, what is your name?"

"Well Random MY MOMMY SPANKS ME ALOT!!!!!"

I bust out laughing so loud anyone that can see me is now staring at me, and at my table. This little boy is SO PROUD he just announced to a COMPLETE stranger that his mommy spanks him ALOT.

When I am done laughing and the shock on the mom's face has worn off, she says to the little boy.. "Tell her WHY you have been getting lots of spankings"

"I am a VERY bad boy"

Later in the evening he is waiving his hands frantically and calling my name..

"Random, random can I sing you a song?"

"Sure I would love for you to sing me a song"


He did the dance and everything..... 6 years old, I wonder what he will be like in 5 years!

I need to get back to the gym.....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now I know you are not in California anymore, because if you were that mom would have got up and ran out so worried the COPS would have shown up.

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