Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh Pilates how I missed you.

So I ventured out to the gym yesterday, I should know better but I never seem to learn. I arrived at 5 pm, to many this would not be a big deal but to people that go to Bally's in Redlands then you are screwed. I checked in a stood to wait. 15 minutes for anything. FOR ANYTHING, all the stair climbers (as if I know) all the ellipticals, bikes and treadmills are in use.
I have evil thoughts of walking behind the elliptical and kicking the plugs to make them stop (this has happened to me on many occasions!!) cause ounce they stop and curse at me maybe they would be so angry and just leave freeing up the machine for one of the 5 people standing in front of me.
I waited.
Then I left.
And went shopping (in my gym clothes!! I love the shock value!)

When I got home I dusted off the old Pilates videos and jumped in. I forgot how much I miss it.

My ass has issues with me this morning because clearly you can not do 45 minutes of Pilates when you have not done any in 3 months.

I think walking like a penguin is kinda cute. I think I will wear black and white just to not confuse people as to what waddling creature I may be... Oh and the stairs? Well duh peguins can not walk up stairs there legs are too short.


Anne said...

I certainly dont miss the gym...but maybe I need to try some pilates...

T-girl said...

ROTFLMAO!!!!!! Don't worry girl you look GOOOOOOOD in black and white! LOL

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