Sunday, March 19, 2006

So this was interesting.

*** obviously not me, but the same bikini****
I saw this show on prime time that caught my interest.
What they did was take pictures of couples in really small bikinis and then told these people.

"You need to lose 15 pounds in 8 weeks or we will post these pictures for all to see on national Television."

And all (there were 8 in total) they all lost the weight. The one lady who did not missed by 2 pounds. They had all tried random diets and had always failed. Why did this work?
It was the threat of public humiliation. I mean who wants anyone to see them (not at there best) in a bikini?

So with that being said I would like to lose 15 pounds actually I am aiming for 20 eventually to be 30 but lets start with 15.

My doctor noted that I had gained some weight since the accident (due to lack of activity) So why not?

8 weeks to lose 15 pounds. I have had my husband take a picture of me in my favorite bikini and I WILL POST IT HERE IN 8 WEEKS IF I HAVE NOT LOST THE WEIGHT.
And I will cause I am a bit off like that.

So wish me luck! (cause you really do not want to see my in a bikini at this point!)


T-girl said...

I am so cheering you on!!!! Go girl, oh and you have the right of it, start with small goals and work up to the long term one! Most people fail at weight-loss because they want the whole shabang now, and when they only lose 5 lbs they get frustrated and give up. Studies have shown the people who make small attainable goals not only lose the weight but keep it off!!! Sorry that was the perfessional in me coming out, just feel free to ignore me! LOL

Good Luck!!!

doc slm said...

I love the idea of public humiliation! It would have been a lot cheaper than the huge amount of money I spent over the last 6 months to lose 40 pounds!!!!

Anonymous said...

um, I have no words.

alfredsmom said...

that's freaking halarious. The threat of a public picture of me in a bikini would definetly do the trick. But will your husband really follow thru if you dont lose the weight?

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Oh yes he would.
Also I am a bit crazy like that so if I do not make it.
Yes I will post the picture. And what a better way to motivate yourself.
It worked on TV for the 8 other people but the producers kept the pictures... Ahh I can do it..
Ha ha.. I hope anyways!

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