Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Uggg- Boring "technical" post

So I called Fair Employment and Housing Association today and filed a claim.

My interview is May 17th. WHAT! (and somehow I thought this would be resolved quickly, I should have known better)

The nice guy on the phone explained that it is a long process and this is how it works.
(he agreed that the reason I was declined the job is against the law "Due to Active Ongoing Medical Condition")

So he said May 17th I get my interview then the state files the complaint with the company, the company has 10 days to respond and needs to explain why after offering the position they changed their minds.Read more about it here

 In general, California law prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. An employer who discriminates against a person because of his/her disability may do so only if the employer can demonstrate that:
  • The person is unable to perform the essential functions of the job; and that no reasonable accommodation exists that would enable the person to perform the essential functions of the job
  • The person would create an imminent and substantial danger to himself/herself or a substantial danger to others by performing the job; and that no reasonable accommodation can be made to remove or reduce the danger.

The following two reasons are not legally acceptable excuses for discrimination:

  • There is a possibility of future harm to the person or to others
  • That employing individuals with a disability will cause an employer's insurance rates to rise
(This dot will not go away)

So I ask the guy if I am supposed to wait for the out come. He said no find other employment and then that way when everything comes out and the company gets fined by the state they are forced to settle with me for pain and suffering as well as they have to pay me what my salary would have been from the time I was offered the job till the time they are issued the citation and everything is settled. He says it usually comes out to 1 years salary and pain and suffering to a maximum of $150,000.00.
See I am not big about the whole "lets sue" thing and its not me who's taking them to court its the state that's charging them I am just the reason for it so it does not bother me at all.
I am capable of doing the job.
I am not a threat to anyone at the job. (well unless you REALLY piss me off)
So this is my right as a human with a disabilities living in California

What a process though, of well I am good at this "Hurry up and wait" thing... So here goes.

Why will blogger not let me post pictures?

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