Saturday, March 25, 2006

Me and Brandy

Is she not the cutest thing!! That's me behind her.. I am pretty cute too. lol
She's a Dachshund,Golden Retriever mix. The mother was the Dachshund (I know, what a slut to let a big old golden retriever have his way with her, see I like to know I am not the only one who LOVES A BIG MAN!) and Brandy is the only one in the litter that got big legs, everyone else has the stubby Dachshund legs so she's the grunt so to speak.
So she's 4 1/2 months old and she's house trained and I am so said to see her go. But that's life she's on under the Redlands Humane Society they listed her as Brendy and I call her Brandy...
Sniff sniff..
I do caution you however to go to the site if you are a pet lover... There are so MANY dogs that need rescue. Oh I am going to be that neighbor that has 50 dogs cause she could not stand to see them put down.... I could see the headlines now..

Oh and as of about 10 minutes ago the hubby and I are "Foster" pet parents for the Redlands Humane Society. I know I am hopeless I explained to the lady that we could take puppy rescues only cause we are in an apartment and they get kept in a box and I can take them outside to run around but the bigger dogs would be a no go...
I learned a lot of good information about the dog pounds though, if an animal is brought in and has tags and registered they allow for it to be claimed by its owner for 7 days, then if its not claimed they kill it. And if they are strays they keep them for 4 days to be adopted and if they are not, even if they are puppy and healthy the kill them!! UGG pretty gross huh?


Anne said...

She is beautiful....

you too of course..or well..thats a beautiful knee anyway since that all i got to see!

astrocoz said...

That's so sad about how fast the pounds kill the dogs. Where I live, it isn't that fast, because they quarantine them for a couple of weeks before they put them up for adoption. I rescued my dog a few hours after her owners signed their rights to the dog pound. She got lucky.

She was at the pound 3 times this year for getting loose and her owners finally got sick of it and said they were done with her. I've had her for about 6 months and she hasn't gotten loose once. Of course, I did obedience with her and she gets the best care from me, so she really doesn't like leaving my side. I just find it hard that some people can be so heartless and be so neglectful.

Oh yes, and Brandy is adorable!

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