Thursday, March 09, 2006

Job searching

I hate job searching!
I hate being unemployed looking for a job...
I wish there was a better reason for me being unemployed (something like I was too fantastic for my last job..I was but that's besides the point)
I wish I never got hurt....

Ok I now have my head out of my ass... And the pity party is over for now..
I have a job interview at noon.
YEPEE I guess... Its way far from home though so they better pay me good.
On a funny note I applied for this job last night at 9pm, the lady called me this morning at 7am. (yes I am that fabulous!)

I can not wait to set sail.... And move far, far away...

Oh and I apologize for not sending out yesterdays invitation for the self loathing pity party. It sort of sprung up last minute so I just had a spontaneous blow out.
I will try to think ahead for next time.
Thanks for your support and understanding.. (I can really be a smart ass when I want)

1 comment:

KB said...

Ok so I'm new and all I don't know the scoop. Send me an email telling me what the hell is up with your company. I thought losing your job over medical was against the law!!!

PS..It'll get better..

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