Friday, March 10, 2006

So now I wait

I called the HR again to see if they were "able" to review my letter. I was advised it will take a few days and they will be in contact with me.

All this shit for a job.


Oh well it could be worse I guess.
Not sure how much worse than it already is, both me and the hubby are freaking out right now. Money is going to be sooo tight for the next little while, unless I get a job soon and actually start working. I sent out 23 resumes yesterday nothing left to apply for today.

Thank goodness I like ramen noodles and Mac&Cheese.

Oh and I went to get my prescriptions filled today and the STUPID pharmacy came me drugs that I have to inject myself ( I have been doing this since I was 15 and its a long story for another day) and they never gave me the injector?? And then I call them to tell them of there error and then ask me to bring back the prescription so "They can have a look"
I explain to them that they should know what they prescribed me and there is no sense in me bringing the prescription back.
I then inquire if the have the actual auto injector that I was looking for.
"Oh no we do not have that one here"
Ok JACKASSES you just asked me to come in a bring back the prescription and then you can not even give me what I need.
PEOPLE are so stupid.

The last few days have been hell. Or close to it.

At least I got a facial today it was great really, I open my dishwasher and stood over the steam. (hey I am on a budget)

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Anne said...

Oh you are funny! A facial...I cant wait to get AJ with that one..

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