Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So I am trying to get my hubby to update his blog!

He has one. And usually he bitches about me. Sometimes about life. But I love reading stuff he writes. Even the mundane stuff. Like I drive him crazy ect.
I keep asking him to update so I can add him to links and you all can really see what the other half is about....
Maybe if I keep bugging him constantly he'll give in (this usually works)

Oh and I can mention the 25 minute massage I gave his sore muscles this evening. (because I am such a good wife)

I will think of more things I am sure.

Myself I love to blog. (As I am sure you all know)
Its an outlet. A place to bitch about life and celebrate the successes of marriage.
I am sure some times I give out too much information but I usually write this like no one reads it. I know some of you do, and I apologize for not being more glamorous and I am sure to pay special attention to no longer post about bower movements.
But Shit happens. (I know, sad)

And I like to amuse myself sometimes.

And its great for me when its 1:30am and I am wide awake....yet again...
My body is tired and aching and sore from the serious workout I put it through but my mind is going a mile a minute...

I love to peruse the 100 blogs on my list and serch the NEXT BLOG button at the top.

I tell you what though, it bothers me while surfing that random sex sites come up. Oh and another thing I HATE THE POP UPS they really suck too.

If I want a sex site I will find myself there on my own thank you very much.


Eduardo said...

Sorry about that sex thing. The truth is that men just don't ever get tired of nudity. Once you've seen one naked woman -- you pretty much want to see all of them.

The supply is driven by demand. The demand is there. The sites are there. I am not sure there is a solution.

Tanis said...

I agree on the sites, I spend a lot of time just going to the next blog, that's how I came across yours. Good luck with your husband, I know sometimes "we" can be hard-headed and stubborn, but hey that's men...

Tim said...

Wow, you gave your husband a 25 minute massage! My wife complains after about a minute and a half on the rare occasions that I can get her to rub my neck.

doc slm said...

I too hate the sex sites that come up (no pun intended)when I am just surfing through blogs. It is so freakin' irritating! I am like you...if i want a sex site, I'll find it on my own.

Sarah Jayne said...

Ummmm.... I would like to see said: "hubby's blog"

It's only fair... he saw my pictures!

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