Friday, March 24, 2006


Too funny.
So about a year back my husband was reading a Maxim magazine and came over to me with this question.

"Hun this magazine says 70% of women lie to there spouses or boyfriends about their shopping habits, it even says come women hide things all together?"

Me of coarse stunned at the question/accusation (who gives them this shit anyways and I would like to know who outted us and kick her ass)

Anyways I respond the best way I can.

"No I tell you about everything I buy" (which is the truth of coarse)

Fast forward to today.

I have just returned from the mall with bags in tow

"hey babe, I bought that white bra I was needing that I told you about, and because there was a sale and they were two for $48 I picked up a black one too"

Hubby "That's cool do you like it?"

"Yeah they are nice bras...blah blah blah..."

So I place the bag on the table and enter into the bedroom for something and I hear


I come out looking like a dear in head lights much to the amusement of the husband standing over the now dumped on the table bag of what should have been only two bras but has exposed the truth that in fact I could not JUST purchase nice new bras, cause the nice new bras had to have cute nice new g-strings to go with them and not just one or two new panties there were 5....

He stood in triumph over the undergarments and declares "You would have never told me about these" As he starts to laugh! And blocks me from being able to hide my slip up.

"They were on sale too, I was going..."

"Yeah right you would have hid them and then when I asked about them you would have told me something along the lines of THESE OLD THINGS ?"

We are both laughing so hard at this point and I try in protest to explain I would have told him about them....

He looks at me sly to my ways "Yeah right"

for shock value he heads to the closet and swings open the door "So what else are you not telling me about?"

Laughing at him and trying to block him from getting into the closet "Nothing, I never hide anything....

Again "pifft Yeah RIGHT!"

*** this is one more reason why I love me husband, he calls me out on my bluffs, and even though I do always tell him about my purchases, it's just the little things do not really need to be mentioned? Right?*****


T-girl said...

ROTFLMAO! You know my hubby reads Maxim and we have had the same conversation, so you just outed HIM! LOL I ALWAYS tell him what I bought... I just fail to meantion how much or price of said items! I am natorious for telling him the sale price of an item... even if I did not get it at that price! LOL shhhhh, don't tell! LOLr

doc slm said...

I thought I was the only one...

Husband: Is that new?
Me: This, no I've had it awhile.

Truth: Somewhere inbetween. Yes, it's new, but I have had it awhile, just haven't worn it yet. So I answer as truthfully as a wife can.

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