Sunday, March 26, 2006

UGG I hate hospitals!

So the phone rings this morning at 8am, its Nora (mother in law) she's out of breath and tells the hubby when he dropped her off at home this morning she walked in the find Gerry (her roommate) passed out in a Coma on the floor, she proceeded to do CPR and call 911 till the paramedic got there, they whisked him away to the hospital and Nora needed a ride to go check on him I volunteered to go because that's just what I do. Anyways I get her she explained to me that Gerry's blood sugar level was at 20 (it should be 140) he's diabetic and always forgets to eat (he's old too). Turns out he will be ok they are keeping him over night for observations and I drove her back home to rest. Poor thing had just worked the over night shift and has still not been to bed yet. I was going to leave her my car but I start my new job tomorrow....

And I also am feeling really bad about plans I had with a friend. We have been trying to get together for 3 weeks now and some how something always comes up. I am sure she will understand that today was out of my control, but I can not even call her to explain because I gave my cell phone to Nora when I went to get food for her and I forgot to get it back, and I only have her phone number on that.

Oh well, so new job tomorrow weehoooo
I am a working lady again!!
Wish me luck. And those bitches that gave me dirty looks better watch themselves!! Don't make me slap you down my first day.

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