Monday, March 06, 2006

The Volcano I call a face

What the fuck! Serious! I have never gotten pimples in my life. Ok one or two here or there but never like this. And because I have no experience in the face explosion I can not tell if they are zits or hives. I think they may be both. I drank Lemonade today which I think may be giving me hives because immediately after consuming said drink my face got super itchy and red then these huge mountains appeared, at first they all blended together but now on closer examination they seem to be separate reining there own terror on my chin.
Oh and then I tried to clean my face with cleanser and the nice little thing I will call sand paper to get up a good lather.... I usually just use it as a srub in the shower but this mess called for the extra measures.
Then I applied Acne cream OUCH! MY FACE IS ON FIRE.
I have been blessed with not having to deal with this on a daily basis, once a month I get maybe a pimple or two but never anything like this.
Oh and I am afraid to poop. There I said it.
I was so sick last week that my body has become poop shy/scared.
I'm sure it will pass but for the time being my body wants to cramp up and convulse and my ass puckers at the thought of pooping.

Ah this is my life

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