Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ah beautiful blog there you are!

I hate when blogger goes down.

Anyways had cookies again for breakfast, but now they are gone no more cookies in the house.

I went to the new job to fill out paperwork. For some reason there were a few women who gave me dirty looks. I was not up to picking fights before I start so I pretended not to notice.
The hubby and I talked about it, he thinks I may be replacing someone who got fired, or is getting fired? That or they have not informed the employees about all the changes that they are going to make as soon as I am in place. They eluded after the offered me the position that they are bringing me in "to stir things up" But you know me I do not back down in a challenge.
Bitches better watch themselves (ha ha I am so tough)

1 comment:

T-girl said...

Yeah you are back, I was pretty bummed, I have gotten into your blog! LOL

Well if you look anything like that pic which is your tag and they were old, fat or ugly... there you have it! LOL I hate new jobs, especially if people are catty, women can be such a pain in the ass! Don't sweat it girl, just do what you do and let them deal with thier own "issues!"

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