Thursday, March 30, 2006

So my fat ass is getting fatter!

Ha ha, So I am supposed to be losing weight and I am actually putting it back on.
Need to get back to it.
Trust me you really do not want to see me in a bikini.

Oh and the new apartment is coming along, the stupid rental lady called my job 3 times today, and because I pick up the phone the coversation looks like this.

"Good morning (company name) (in case you were confused as to what I said)"
"Hi, um I um am calling um about umm....."
"Humm I am calling about a umm employee verification"
"Oh? Is this employee (my name)"
"Humm yes"
"Ok then"
"Hum I think I need humm"
"Would you like to speak to HR in regards to the employee verification?"
"Hum, I'm not sure"
"So what would you like me to do?"
"Humm I guess humm, yeah I could speak to HR"


And then I think she called back to see if I would pick up the phone again.
I did
"Humm Ok then Humm"
And she hung up.
I think I should have told her to apply to be on South Park.
Hum k?

Even the HR lady came back to say she was an idiot.

But the unit is beautiful and the pool is beautiful and it's closer to work, not to mention they have a 24 hour gym. The hubby and the brother in law also said I would not have to move anything (like they have a choice with my back and stuff) so I get to put things in boxes and have them move it.


T-girl said...

OMG! TOO funny! What did she think, you just sat around at home ansewering the phone like that until she called???? LOL

Anne said...

Umm..maybe you are just gaining some weight because your poop schedule is off?

And Im sure that you will be fabulous in the bikini no matter what!

astrocoz said...

umm umm what an idiot umm, K?

I swear, you would think people like that would have better phone skills or something.

As for your butt getting bigger, so was mine. But I finally put a stop to it a couple of weeks ago and now I am begining to loose again. Isn't it a pain?

Anonymous said...

what! gaining weight?!! you just want to be naked on your blog.

tee hee

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