Saturday, March 25, 2006

I am a reality TV junkie!

Ok do not think less of me but I just watched the season finale of "THE FLAVOR OF LOVE"
I watch for the DRAMA value... God it sooo funny I was hooked when I saw the first bitch slap.
As if someone thought this shit up.
Oh and ewww who would date this guy?? Obviously people with mental issues (New York)
Ha ha I love hoops she pretended to throw up when New York said "We made sweet love together"
Ha ha.. So amusing

Ok I am so ashamed to admit this (as she hangs her head low)


doc slm said...

I too am an addict. I just can't stop myself. I flip through chanels telling myself, "I will NOT watch another reality show. I will find something educational to watch."
Never happens. I just feel my world will end if I don't see who Flavor picked or who gets kicked off Survivor or who pukes first on Real World, etc.
Is there an organization for reality addicts?

coffeygirlb said...

Oh, me too. I am embarassed to admit to some of the shit I fill my brain with. It's so addictive. I think there are more reality shows now that anything else. It's really getting outta control.

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