Thursday, March 02, 2006

Long bitching Rant

Ok So I have not been blogging for the last 4 days because.
I have been puking and pissing out my ass.
Serious. I have been struck with the worst case of the flu known to man. I can not even hold down my own spit. This is good for weight lose however when the "weehoo" I am losing weight phase passes you wonder what you have been doing to piss off the powers at be.
I have found a new talent!
I can puke and shit at the same time.
Ok too much information.

I GOT THE JOB. And even though I am sick as a dog I was required to do a drug test which is really hard to do when you are so de-hydrated from being so friggin sick and you have just puked for the hundrenth time and then they want you to pee in a cup. See if I was healthy this would not be a problem however... Needless to say this was a daunting task, when I returned the cup the the "nurse" I was told it was not enough and I would have to wait and pee some more, I must have growled at her and then in fine form I puked in the garbage behind her. She let me off the hook. Then she proceeded to talk about the strain of the flu going around blah, blah.
Then it was time to take my pulse. I fail. My pulse was 117. To send it in as I am a healthy person it has to be 100.
"Well jackass it could be cause I just puked!" I utter in my head
Nurse "Well I think we are going to need you to come back when you are feeling better, we are going to need to hold everything till we get a good pulse."
"What the F%75K!!" I dragged my ass in and then its all for nothing??
I went back yesterday to have my pulse taken. I fail yet again. Its 127 this time. Then the nurse (not the same one from yesterday) says
"You look really sick, how about we cheat?"
Me "What can we do that?"
Nurse "Not really but you are really sick and that will effect your blood pressure I am going to have you lay down for about 20 minutes then I will try again"
Thank goodness for cheating nurses
Finally pulse 88.

I talked to my lawyer. Turns out that if my employers that I was injured at wants to take me back then they do not have to pay me anything for my injury. Good old Arnold changed all the laws in California when he came in as Governor and all the workman comp laws work for the employer.
So I am disabled from the accident however if the job wants to take me back and agrees to keep me for 1 year then they do not have to settle with me.
You mean I have to deal with this problem the rest of my life yet they get a break if they take me back?? We have already established that I can not longer do the job?
Anyways we go to court in 60 days to figure it all out.

Good news?
I have not puked in over 1 hour. Thats good news right?

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Anonymous said...

that stomach flu totally sucks! i know how you feel! congrats on the job though :o)

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