Friday, March 17, 2006

Keeping my options open!

This always happens. Or to every situation stuff like this happens.

So I was offered a job yesterday, and this job will be fantastic!! The company is great the people I will be working with are great, the benefits are awesome, and I am going in for my drug screen and physical today (which I may tell a white lie at but we will see)

So why today do I agree to go to 3 more interviews with other companies?

I think I am a little gun shy with what happen with "The other" job I was offered and got excited about and then had the carpet pulled from under me sitting "Due to ongoing medical conditions" that I would not be able to work for said company. But that's being taken care of.

So do I go to all these interviews? I almost feel I need to until I am sitting at my new position in my new office.

See I am out of my element here. I have never been unemployed nore do I ever want to be again.

See if for some freaky reason this "New Job" I have been offered all of a sudden for some reasons pulls what the other company did then I would be screwed if I do not keep my options open.

And I really do not mind interviews, actually I LIKE interviews (crazy I know) , for some reason I have always been really comfortable in interviews, I think the only time I got nervous was with this new company when all 3 people came into the room and introduced themselves as the President, Vice President and a controller. I mean what company has the President interview?
And it caught me off guard because the company is HUGE and international.

But as previously written then noticed how Fabulous I am and offered me the job but it almost feels to good to be true.
I did not tell you that in the interview (after I explained that I met my hubby when he was in the military) the assumed he still was (he's not) but they asked me if my hubby was relocated somewhere would I consider re-locating with there company??
What?? Could this be more perfect?? I mean we will be moving over seas (they do not need to know this yet I need to WOW them first) But I mean as if I fell into this position.

Anyways. You know they say everything happens for a reason? Well I think the first company that offered me a job and then changed there minds was amazing to have lead to this other company that's International? I mean what are the chances?

Ok I am going to the interviews and yet another physical.

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Anne said...

Wow! Congrats!! I hope everything works out fine..sounds like it is though. See..good things happen to really nice people..sometimes it just takes a while!

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