Monday, March 20, 2006

Does anyone read this stuff??

Ok if you do could you please leave a comment. I HAVE LOST ALL MY LINKS and now some of the Blogs I am addicted to I can not find!!!
There is about 30 of you.
So if your name is not on the sidebar could you please say hello so I can find you again??
I tried on my own to find some of them but..sniff sniff.. You are all lost!
I think I have left some of you if not most of you comments but if I haven't and I was secret in my perusing ways then SHIT! I had some really great "secret" blogs of lives way more fasinating then mine...
Sniff Sniff

Somewhere Over under or around the rainbow
Our trip to Kailie

There are so many more... I hope I find you all..

And if you do not comment I will assume you want me to back off as you are sick of me leaving comments and if thats the case no stalking charges need to be filed...

UGG this is so frustrating. Oh and if you are perusing me in secret and you think I am fabulous (ha ha) then let me know so I can start spying on you too.


doc slm said...

I was wondering what happened to you! I tried to read your blog yesterday, but it was just blank! I'm glad you're back.

I think you also had The Company Bitch on your list?

Anonymous said...

ditto. I added you as a link last night cause your damn blog name is longer than my highlighted head can manage. and you weren't there.

I was lost. you bloggers...need to add in your will in the event of an entry on my site. sheesh, just thinking of yourself. what about MY needs???!!

T-girl said...

LOL... please feel free to stalk away... I like being adored! LOL

Good luck with finding it all! They seem to be doing maintence or something a lot of blogs are doing that right now! :(

That girl- RIGHT! I HATE when people just come around and say NOTHING! LOL

MsPinkSlip said...

I have been reading for a while.

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