Saturday, March 11, 2006

Today is one year since my accident

Goodness I can not believe its been that long.Read about It here
But all bad things must come to an end eventually and thank goodness this shit is almost done.
I contacted my "old" company a few days ago and found out for sure that I will not be going back (I already knew this but it was confirmed) The reason I called for confirmation is the State of California, thanks to the ASS HOLE governor Arnold Schwarzenegger changed all the workmans Comp Laws as of 2 months before my accident and now all the laws are in place to protect the company's.
Want proof?
I was sitting in the back room at work when all of a sudden 100 pounds of shelving fell on my damaging my spine for the rest of my life. I am permantley disabled from this shit.
The proof is that I have to live with my injury for my life, however if the HUGE company I worked for offers me my job back (with or without modifications) then they do not have to pay me one cent!!!
If they take me back they pay me nothing.
Oh and the fun thing is that they would only be required to keep me for 1 year then they could kick my ass to the curb and still not have to pay anything.

But lucky for me (if you can look at it like that) Its cheaper for them to just pay me off then to take me back to work, they also confirmed that they will be paying for me to go back to school to learn a new career and give me lifetime medical.

So here are my gratefuls : (Thanks Anne from Supposedly this is good therapy)

1) At least I can still walk. It could have been worse.

2) I worked for a HUGE company and they have taken good care of me since the accident.

3) I have other skills and experience to do a different job, a lot of people who are injured at work its all they know, I have tones of job experience doing lots of different things. ( I have always had 2 or 3 jobs at the same time)

4) The support of my husband during this really trying time. (try having sex with a guy who's 6'2 240 pounds with slipped discs in your spine)

5) We are not financially ruined yet. ( note the use of yet)

6) I got a year paid vacation.

7) Each day I deal with the pain it gets a little easier. (thank goodness for my high tolerance of pain)

8) I have a great group of friends and family (who I miss so much)

I could go on and on, so my glass is 1/2 full I guess.


Anonymous said...

holy cow sister. you have some stories. you are one lucky chickie.

Anne said...

Wow girl.

That is just horrible.

And I say Fuck Arnold. I know I dont understand it all but that seems to make NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

That must be such a frustrating situation. Keep your head up...and figure out the sex issue..that is important you know.. :)

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