Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chicken Little had to go!

So now, so does Yucky (and not that's not a typo) and Lisa.
I think Madisa and Chris will battle it out at the end.
I was disappointed in last nights show though. I came out of the bedroom and announced to the husband that I was no longer going to watch the show cause it made me angry!

Of coarse I had to watch, I actually cheered out loud (there may have been a clap too) that chicken little is gone. He's a good kid but American Idol? Come on!

Apparently I feel strongly about that.


T-girl said...

OMG! I was LITTERALLY clapping, cheering and screaming "YES" like I just won the lottery. The hubby looked at me like I was a wack job! I use to think he was a nice kid until it started to get to his head. I seriously hope he is able to get back to normal because those poor girls at his school are going to be in serious trouble... so is HE with the ASS WHOPPING all those jocks are going to give him if he does not GET OVER IT! I just do not think it is healty for him reality is going to suck!

coffeygirlb said...

Yes, he did. It always makes me sad when they play that damn end song though. I like Elliot. He and Chris and Taylor are my favs. I think you're right though it Will probably be Chris and Ummmm Madissa or I thing Katherine. Girl can sing but is blah.

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