Thursday, March 23, 2006

I love to Read!

Its weird I have not read a book in a long time. Actually its been months! When I first had my accident (over a year ago) that's what I did for about 3 months straight, I read, then re-read almost all the books in my collection (not very big yet) and I have not picked up a book since then.

Well the other day I was perusing a second hand store which is where I LOVE to pick out books, and poof this book appeared in my hands. I liked the cover and never really read anything about the book Other than it was a memoir, when I got it home I read it in one sitting. It was an great memoir of an amazing women. A little somber (it was about her life after being raped) and its a book that if I had known about the content I would have never selected it, not my cup of tea for a "Good" read, I prefer fiction with made up characters and stories. But I was surprised at how this booked moved me, it made me cry it made me cheer at her strength and triumph. It made me angry at society for the things that we some times have no control over, it made me angry at our court system, at our police departments.

I think her thoughts and her expressions hit so close to my heart as a women.

I need to start to read again. I forgot how much I loved it, how you can lose yourself in it.


Anne said...

It wouldnt let me comment on your blog this morning..hope I have better luck now! Well I ordered that book and then I ordered another one by that same is total fiction though..seems sad. Then I bought one by Wally Lamb and its true these stories about women in prison. I guess that reading other peoples sad stories will maybe make me feel a little better!
Nothing I love more than a depressing read! Thanks for recommending that book..I cant wait to get it!

T-girl said...

Wow! I am very rarely a "true crime" kinda girl. On that note though at times there is nothing better then a good "true" book! I will have to check this out!

doc slm said...

books are my best friends. they help me escape to a whole nother world. i can't imagine not being able to read. sometimes i embarass my husband at the book store because i like to fondle the books.

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