Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What is going on with my face??

OK remember me mentioning the zits I had? Or what I thought was zits?
The hubby comes home from work, squints at my face, comes closer to me and says "What the hell is all over your chin?"
I still have no idea what it is. I look like Bozo the clown and the rash/pimples/hives are only on my chin and it looks ridiculous!
My skin is so sensitive that if I put cream on it, any kind of cream (and trust me I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING!) my face itches and rashes out its anger on me.
So last night what I was thinking was pimples I treated with Zit cream.
Easy enough. Right?
My whole chin is bright red and burning. No pimples showing at all.
I wish I knew what the hell it was.
Ah to have skin that I could put cream on. Want to hear something funny. The only cream my face will let me use is Jergens. *GASP* I know so bad for your skin but I have tried everything else.
Here's the list.
Channel (I know I would try anything to get a great face moisturizer)
Clean and Clear (for sensitive skin, and the regular stuff too)
Oil Olay
Aveda (all the skin care lines)
Bath and Body Works (again all lines)
Johnson and Johnson baby cream (yes still itchy also too greasy)
Sephora (for sensitive skin)
Mary Kay (because I was told I HAD TO TRY IT, was the worst ever)
Lush (all natural)
Pro Active (even though I do not have acne I thought the skin care would be good for me)

And I give each a good try. I do not stop using it after one use because I think I need to train my skin to be not so sensitive. It does not work.
And the only thing I can shower with is Ivory Soap (*gasp* yes I use this to wash my face) I some times, it will not permit me to use daily is Loreal face scrub.
AHH what it would be like to have skin of steal.


Actually my skin has issues.

I like me just fine. lol
So with the hubby suggestion of putting Neosporin on it to see if it helps I am walking around the house with a gross shiny chin.
You think the husband would be supportive as it was his idea.
No he laughed at me. Out loud. And shook his head at what a mess I was.

*** UGG I just check on line about what this possible thing could be
I came across Shingles- Ewww but I read the symptoms and Weweh!Not shingles *shudder**

I have come to the conclusion that is just an allergic reaction.
Too What?
I have no idea.


Larissa said...

with ya on the sensitive skin. if you even touch my neck area, it gets red. SO annoying!

Anonymous said...

the skinny bitch at the clinique counter actually said this to me...."your skin doesn't WANT to be sensitive, you must train it."

wtf? I'm not a seal! arf!

I've wondered about the whole windex thing...a la my big fat greek weding. you never know. heheee

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're allergic to the Sun, and you have to move back to Canada!!! lol. Laurie

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