Sunday, March 19, 2006

Who wants to run a marathon with me??

Serious I was watching the LA marathon this morning and I think I am going to start training for it and enter next year!.La Marathon
I have been saying this for years now, I have always wanted to run in one. It's on my list of things I need to accomplish before I die.
I need to Just do it (no I am not sponsored by Nike)
So here's to all my Internet Friends

Who wants to do it with me?

Keep in mind physically due to the torn shit in my back I will only be able to do a 1/2 marathon. But still, how exciting to train for a reason!


T-girl said...

Too cool! I keep saying I am going to do this, or train to do the Seattle to Portland Marathon (it is on bikes) but my ass is still sitting here thinking, "maybe next year!" :(

I wish you lots of luck!!! I think that is awesome, I will watch and cheer you on (I have REALLY bad knees I would do it with you but that is SO not going to happen... like my excuse??? LOL)

Kevin said...

I ran a half-marathon here in Ottawa a few years back.
I didn't train nearly as much as I should have, but the one piece of advice I have for you - find a training partner/group.

It's SO much easier to run those cold Sunday morning 12km (okay, so maybe in LA you don't have those!) runs if you have people relying on you to come out!

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