Thursday, March 16, 2006

The light at the end of a LONG tunnel

The job I was not 100% about?

I GOT THE JOB.** insert lots of happy dancing here***

They said I would not hear back till Monday or Tuesday but they called today. Bright and early at 9am.
WEEHOO I am soon to be back in the working class! Good bye Mac&Cheese and Ramen noodles till we meet again (hopefully no time soon)
And the call was weird it was the president of the HUGE international company calling me back (the interview was with The President, Vice President and Coordinator) and he had all these really nice things to say about me apparently "We interviewed over 19 candidates and none of them came close to the caliber of professionalism that you bring to the table"
My response? "yeepppee" Also to include words like "WEEHOOO"
Yes I said that, I was at a lose for words. Can you blame me really. At least it made him laugh.
So he calls me back tomorrow to start the process of yet another drug test and physical, I made sure to inquire about my injury and he explained as long as I am not collecting disability (which I am not) there should be no problem.

I must say I am feeling pretty fabulous right now.

**oh and I got some last night too Too much information ( I am bad for that) .. Which was PRETTY FRIGGIN fantastic, you know the toe curling kind.... So I am one happy cat! Now if I could only find some chocolate.....***


Whinger said...

Do not abandon Mac & Cheese completely. It can still hold a very special place in your heart.


Laura said...

Congratulations!!!! I have been stopping by for a while now, and I am soooo excited for you. Can you PLEASE send your good job karma my way now?

Anonymous said...

hotdog! jimmy stewart style!!

you're such a dirty girl. YEAH for employment.

listen....just cause you've linked me....does not mean I'm taking you out on a date. I just don't swing that way. hehehhahahhaeheheeheahahaaa.

you're a good kid.

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