Saturday, March 18, 2006

I want a new tattoo!

I tried to convince the hubby this morning that we should get matching tattoos.
His response "Are you friggin nuts!"
"Come on it would be fun!"
"I am not the tattoo kinda guy"

I am working on him. Ha ha if I have my way. I would really like to get a tattoo the next time we travel somewhere. Not sure of what but something cool. Maybe a family crest or something.
I need to do some research.

I think its funny how people react when they find out I have tattoos.

***the top pic is the one I have on my lower back****


Anonymous said...

seriously...guys with tat's = yum. that whole bad boy thing.

on the down father in law asked my husband if he wanted to get a tattoo with him.

you see...that, not so hot. funny yes. hot, no.


Kevin said...

What is the tattoo on your back of?

I recently got a celtic cross on my left shoulder... it's addictive!

BTW - Great writing! Your blog is really interesting and fun to read!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

It means love in Japanese or Chinese the symbols are the same. I have my zodiac on my right foot and I have 2 other asian symbols on my left foot, one means strength the other means women.
So addicting for sure. I have been planning my next one for 3 years.

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