Tuesday, March 14, 2006

3 days in a row!

I wish I was writing that about my sex life, but unfortunately I am not.(I wish!) Sex has been lax the last few weeks due to the amount of stress and frustration in our lives right now. I know its no excuse but there you have it. Its hard to be mad at the world and the situation you are in and then even THINK about sex. I have been crying almost every now about stupid stuff, shit that I have no control over at all.
I am impatient!
But I know it will not always be like this so I push forward.

I have another job interview on Friday. YEEPPEE, I figure if I keep going to interview someone eventually is going to have to give me a job.

I called the company that offered me the job and then said I could not have it because I was injured.
They sited "Due to an active ongoing medical condition" was the reason they can not hire me. There company doctor is supposed to call me tomorrow to have a conference call with me about the reasons why not. I am going to tape the phone conversation as per Bruno's request to make sure I have it all for "my case"

Why is she pushing so hard for this job?? Its all about the principal of it. And its illegal for them to site "medical condition" I am going to have this "condition" my whole life so the fact that its illegal and not fair is why I am pushing.

And my lawyer has yet again failed to call me back. I wish I could drop him but its too late, we are already headed to court, I mean I could but all the works already done and I would be hard pressed to find someone with a brain who is willing to "Split" the lawyers portion of the settlement.

But I digress....
3 days in a row I have been to the gym. So the worst of its over. I have been and conquered now I have to keep it up. Its a good place to work out my frustrations with life.

I think I need to get drunk.

Too bad we are so broke I can not even afford booze

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things only hoped for.
Epicurus (341 BC - 270 BC)

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KB said...

Well booze IS expensive. That's why drunks choose between it and food!!!

It will all work out so hang in there.

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